Where Cash Is Hiding

If there is one issue afflicting a lot of individuals in Nigeria and past today, it is the absence of cash. This is occasioned by the absence of expertise on where as well as exactly how to actually get it. As a result, the magazine of this text entitled “Where Cash is Hiding”, written by Reverend Elekima Ekine, Homeowner Priest of Christ Chapel International Churches, Ashi, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria is prompt. Ekine is an authority on the application of biblical concepts to financial management.

He states without cash, fates will stay unsatisfied. This author asserts that until you conquer the compromise of cash, you will certainly not be launched right into the volume that God has for you. Ekine claims all of us require money to be pertinent as well as make a significant influence in life, for this reason, the demand to review cash. He divulges that people have different viewpoints about resources for getting money as well as just how to draw in wealth.

Ekine, therefore, quotes Isaiah 45:3 thus: “… As well as I will certainly offer thee the treasures of darkness, and also surprise treasures of secret places, that thou mayest recognize that I, the LORD, which call thee by thy name, am the God of Israel.” This author sends that suggests that cash is concealed in secret as well as in unexpected places and also consequently the purpose of this publication is to help you uncover where cash is concealed by employing functional applications.

As regards the framework, this message is segmented into 11 chapters. Chapter one is entitled “Money is hiding in relationships”. In the words of Ekine below, “The very first hint to money’s hiding place is our definition: A neutral instrument of exchange agreed to by any kind of 2 people. I want you to keep in mind the phrase, ‘consented to by any type of 2 people. When you begin to speak about the arrangement between two or even more individuals you are speaking about the relationship.”

He estimates this Chinese adage to amplify his point: “If you desire one year of prosperity, expand grains; if you desire ten years of prosperity, grow trees; however if you want one hundred years of success after that expand individuals.” This writer includes that the amount of cash you have within your reach is not specified by what is in your checking account however the network of connections you have actually constructed. He bases this assertion on the fact that if you require money but lack the network of connections that can aid you to get it, then, you may not have the ability to satisfy your economic needs.

Phase 2 is based upon the topic of cash hiding in needs, troubles, and wishes. Below, this author states money is hiding in individuals due to the fact that where individuals are, there are demands, problems, and needs. He expatiates that where there are requirements, problems, and also wishes, there is no scarcity of possibilities to earn money as money comes when you can discover solutions to recognized issues.

Ekine enlightens us that we have the telephone today due to the fact that its idea originated from a man that wanted to provide a remedy to the requirements of his sibling who had hearing trouble. The man-made something like listening devices and this ultimately progressed into the telephone we have today. This writer sets apart between individuals’ troubles and needs. According to him, “As an example, somebody’s toothache is the dentist’s opportunity of locating money. That is not a requirement, however a problem. All you require to do is recognize issues around you, discover solutions to them as well as allow people to recognize you have a response to their problems.”

He informs that the following point to problems and also requirements are desire. Ekine insists that wishes do not necessarily need and they may or might not be issued. This writer states, “For instance, to take a trip on an aircraft, you do not need to go, first class, consequently going first class is a wish to make a declaration. Consequently, people pay even more for their desires. To put it simply, there is even more cash in answering to individuals’ wishes than there remains in meeting demands … If you intend to situate even more cash than you have actually been carrying out in conference people’s requirements as well as resolving their troubles, after that start to respond to individuals’ wishes.”

Phase 3 is christened “Money is suggestions”. Right here, Ekine enlightens that to be able to situate cash in people’s issues, requirements and wishes, you need suggestions. Concepts, according to this author, turn troubles, demands as well as wishes right into moneymaking possibilities. “This is why it is stated that individuals with ideas rule the world … Money stays in concepts,” explains this writer.

In chapters 4 to 7, Ekine analytically X-rays ideas such as money is concealing in vision; cash is concealing in the job; money is concealing in capabilities as well as money is hiding in waste.

Chapter 8 focuses on the concern of cash hiding in time. Ekine claims cash is hiding in time and the amount of time you locate in time depends upon the quantity of time within your control. He educates that whoever controls your time regulates how much cash you make and how to find a debt relief program.