The speed of development of PC components is sometimes very rapid. There is fierce competition between the two major processor manufacturers Intel and AMD, but AMD and NVIDIA are also fighting for the market on the graphics card market. Shortened product generations have become a trend, to the advantage of gamers, as they can always […]

The assembly of a PC is not a witchcraft and it does not require any great talent for craftsmanship. They install the mainboard into the case and plug or clamp the CPU, cooler, RAM and, if necessary, the graphics card into the designated positions. Then mount the drive and plug in the data (usually SATA), […]

Computer technology is developing faster than any other field. For this reason it is also impossible that any document can always reflect the current state of the art. This is also the case here. The state of this documentation corresponds essentially to the state of the home PC market in the first quarter of 1998. […]

If the drivers are up to date, the computer or notebook will run smoothly. If a certain driver is missing or outdated, performance drops. Worse still: It comes to disturbances such as picture errors with old graphic card drivers. However, it’s not always easy to find suitable versions. Because older devices in particular cause trouble […]

At the Solopreneur Day in Berlin 2016 8 speakers spoke about component competence: How do you deal with tools and services? What possibilities do solo preneurs have with new technology? Where are the pitfalls, what can help? To whom the term “component” does not yet mean anything. Here is a brief explanation. Component tip 1: […]